Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The loss of a GREAT horsewoman...and person. Terri Moulton

I met Terri Moulton when I was starting off into my adventure of breeding Paint horses.  She owned Paint Me A Dream Horse Farm and I had fallen for her black and white stallion known as Romeo.  I wanted one of his babies so we had decided to breed our mare Lacy to him.  Terri was fantastic about helping me through all that needed to be done.  Although I have had horses the majority of my life, the breeding aspect was all new to me.  She quickly became a friend and confidant and helped me more with things in life other than the horses.  Her heart was so open to all creatures big and small.  I cannot say enough good things about such a wonderful person.  To have her and her wonderful daughter who was just like her mom in so many ways stolen from us by a viscious attack while they were doing a favor for a neighbor is just insane.  I will never understand this world we now live in.. when things from a home are more worth the lives of two wonderful people.  The sudden loss of such a great person and friend is a lot to deal with.  I hope the people that did this pay...and pay dearly.  I'm not one to be hateful but at this moment...I cannot help it.

Good-bye Terri (and Stacey) please watch over all of us and enjoy our charges that are with you on the Rainbow Bridge.. give Romeo a hug for me.. as well as Ready... I will always miss you and your kind words and wonderful wisdom.

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