Sunday, October 5, 2014

New project

Hello all. I'm working with a new boy.. My good friends' Karen and Amy have entrusted me with helping with their horse Ladd. He is very very "claustrophobic" I would call it. Being tied, saddled/cinched, mounted, trailered....all scares him to pieces. He came this morning and I round penned him a bit, and then just took my lead and wrapped it around his barrel, just to see the reaction. He is definitely scared. He whole body shook. So, I will have to take him back to the basics and see where I can go from there. Thoughts are always welcome...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hind Site is 20/20

So...  Poor PJ was in his stall Friday due to flooding in the pasture.  Later in the evening he broke out of his stall and went over the manure pit.  On his way through that he caught a rogue metal T post half buried.  It punctured his hind leg on the right inner thigh.  It's definitely not the worst wound I have ever seen but it's nasty all the same. 

So, a call to the vet and the don't deem it necessary to come out.  I am on my own trying to decide what's best for him.  I did go to the vet's the next day to get antibiotics for just in case.  But as far as the wound itself goes.. I had to figure out what is best to take care of it.  I went to Lilley's Tack and Feed in Dryden (close to my vet's office) and talked to the people there.  I am a huge believer in Bannix for my animals and their issues but like they said.. it's more for anti bacterial/anti fungal things.  This is a cut that needs to heal.  They told me about Underwoods horse medicine.  I looked at the testimonials and purchased it.  I will take pictures daily of his injury as it has already changed drastically for the better in 24 hours.  The weird thing about this medicine is after you spray it on the horse.. you powder the wound with baking powder.. they say it acts like a bandaid and keeps bugs and stuff out of it.  INTERESTING!

Now for the hindsite.....  I locked him in a stall that had been empty for months because they are "being horses" and not getting locked in the barn much anymore.  Unknowingly I locked him in with 3 nests of white faced hornets in the wall.  They must have been what pushed him to break his door.  And the other part of the hindsite... I knew that Tpost was there.  I had said several times I needed to get it out of there but because the horses are fenced away from that area.. never did it.

So, if there is an issue you think you should address with your place.. do it when you think of it.. it may be cheaper and better for everyone around in the long run.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The loss of a GREAT horsewoman...and person. Terri Moulton

I met Terri Moulton when I was starting off into my adventure of breeding Paint horses.  She owned Paint Me A Dream Horse Farm and I had fallen for her black and white stallion known as Romeo.  I wanted one of his babies so we had decided to breed our mare Lacy to him.  Terri was fantastic about helping me through all that needed to be done.  Although I have had horses the majority of my life, the breeding aspect was all new to me.  She quickly became a friend and confidant and helped me more with things in life other than the horses.  Her heart was so open to all creatures big and small.  I cannot say enough good things about such a wonderful person.  To have her and her wonderful daughter who was just like her mom in so many ways stolen from us by a viscious attack while they were doing a favor for a neighbor is just insane.  I will never understand this world we now live in.. when things from a home are more worth the lives of two wonderful people.  The sudden loss of such a great person and friend is a lot to deal with.  I hope the people that did this pay...and pay dearly.  I'm not one to be hateful but at this moment...I cannot help it.

Good-bye Terri (and Stacey) please watch over all of us and enjoy our charges that are with you on the Rainbow Bridge.. give Romeo a hug for me.. as well as Ready... I will always miss you and your kind words and wonderful wisdom.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Adventures on their way...

So, it has been a while since my last blog.  Life has changed quite a bit for me but we have dusted off and are ready to mount back up and enjoy life again. 

We lost our fabulous gelding, Ready, to colic back in January.. that was a horrible experience for Aubrey and I.  Nothing I care to happen ever again but as the rest of you know.. our fur kids just don't live as long as we would like them to. 

I am looking at getting a lesson program started here.  It would mostly be based on safety, natural horsemanship, and trail riding.  Let me know what you think... I know there aren't really any trail riding lesson programs out there and I do believe there is a need.  People who only arena ride usually aren't comfortable hitting the trails where the unknown is around each bush and corner of the trail.  So, what I will be offering is a layed back atmosphere, individual lessons for raw beginners, group lessons once a level of comfort has been reached, and FUN FUN FUN.  Of course those of you those of you that have taken lessons with me.. yes, I do demand certain things.. but it's for your, mine, and the horse's safety and comfort.  The two horses I currently have here have both won their share of trail trials and I will accept credit for making them the horses they are today.  I would love to share them and some nice rides with you or someone you think may be interested.

That's it for now.. ride on!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

2011 Trail Trial / Poker Run to benefit St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital

Well... We were actually able to pull off our event this year..finally.  Although we had MAJOR flooding in our area a week before we held our ride. 
The day was a nice, cool, somewhat overcast day.  The kind of day we horse people love to have for riding.  Due to the flooding and the inability to get to the trails much before the date of the ride the course was a bit shorter than last year but I don't believe many riders minded.  It has been a tough summer and a lot of the horses weren't really "fit" for a long hilly ride.
Due to the fact that the final decision to hold the ride wasn't made until the Wednesday before the actual ride we only had 14 riders come.  But, these 14 riders made $835 for St. Judes!!!  I personally believe that is just awesome! 
It was a great ride.  The obstacles were fair I believe (although the one was a bit tougher) and mixing it with the poker run made it more fair for the horses and riders that may not be quite as confident on the trail - they actually had a chance at winning a prize this time.  Hopefully we can get more prizes for next years ride... this year was a bit sparse.
Thank you to all the volunteers and riders who came!!!  Hope to see you all next year!