Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Trail Trial to benefit St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital

Well, a big thank you to mother nature (NOT!).  I am rescheduling my trail trial until September 17, 2011.  Hopefully it will be a bit drier by then. 

This past week we have dealt with the harshest blow by mother nature than we have seen since moving back to Maine.  This time the creek flooded so bad that it knocked down the majority of my fence and wiped out the dog fence at the trailer and even moved the bridge by the bottom of the bank.  The water has been that deep before but never with any kind of force.. To move a bridge made out of trees and 2x6's to a totally different angle so far from the main stream is just amazing. 

THANKFULLY.. To harm to life came to any of those in the area.  I know flooded basements and knocked down fences are a pain but it could have been way worse.

So,  lets do an anti-rain dance for a little while.. I would like to see what the top of the hill looks like someday.....

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